The Arizona School Health and Wellness Coalition is dedicated to fostering equitable policies, programs and practices in school health and wellness across the state.



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The Arizona School Health and Wellness Coalition is a collaborative of dedicated school health stakeholders—including state and local organizations, community members, parents, and individuals whose primary role is to assist schools in creating healthy school communities. The Coalition promotes the multi-disciplinary approach outlined in the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. The Arizona School Health and Wellness Coalition will:

  • Implement the WSCC framework's 10 components centered around the child to focus strategies and activities and to promote holistic wellness: health education; physical education and physical activity; nutrition environment and services; health services; counseling, psychological, and social services; social and emotional climate; physical environment; employee wellness; family engagement; and community involvement.
  • Promote health-related school policies, practices, programs, and environments..
  • Increase public and decision-maker awareness and support of evidence-based strategies that support healthy school environments and communities.
  • Expand adoption of national standards and guidelines related to school-based health education, physical education/physical activity, healthy eating, and management of chronic health conditions and other school health priorities for the state (e.g., social emotional learning, mental health, alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use prevention).

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