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The Arizona School Health and Wellness Coalition is dedicated to fostering equitable policies, programs and practices in school health and wellness across the state.


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The Arizona School Health and Wellness Coalition is a collaborative of dedicated school health stakeholders—including state and local organizations, community members, parents, and individuals whose primary role is to assist schools in creating healthy school communities. The Coalition promotes the multi-disciplinary approach outlined in the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. The Arizona School Health and Wellness Coalition will:

  • Implement the WSCC framework's 10 components centered around the child to focus strategies and activities and to promote holistic wellness: health education; physical education and physical activity; nutrition environment and services; health services; counseling, psychological, and social services; social and emotional climate; physical environment; employee wellness; family engagement; and community involvement.
  • Promote health-related school policies, practices, programs, and environments..
  • Increase public and decision-maker awareness and support of evidence-based strategies that support healthy school environments and communities.
  • Expand adoption of national standards and guidelines related to school-based health education, physical education/physical activity, healthy eating, and management of chronic health conditions and other school health priorities for the state (e.g., social emotional learning, mental health, alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use prevention).


Our Commitment



The Arizona Health and Wellness Coalition is a data informed, multisectoral, and collaborative resource for Arizona communities seeking to create, enhance, and sustain healthy school systems.



The Arizona School Health and Wellness Coalition is dedicated to creating equitable policies, programs, and practices in school health and wellness across the state.



We value collaborative efforts, data-informed and community-engaged action, and equity in planning, implementation, and evaluation.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion:

We are open to diverse points of view and differences of opinion in community engagement and respect for cultural differences.

Coalition Structure & Leadership


The Arizona School Health and Wellness Coalition is supported by ADE’s Comprehensive School Wellness Program through June of 2023.



ASHWC Leadership Team


A group of dedicated members who meet monthly, the Leadership Team is composed of Consultants who work for the state of Arizona, Action Team Leads/Co-Leads, Parents, public health professionals, and other school health stakeholders. The purpose of the Leadership Team is to guide the coalition in their focus, initiatives and

operations, while aiding the action teams in their deliverables.


Action Teams


ASHWC Action Teams consist of Coalition members that have a  passion for going the extra mile to serve Arizona’s School Health Communities. Currently we have four teams operating, which are based on the WSCC Model. Our Action Teams are organized by topics such as Food & Nutrition, Physical Activity & Physical Education, Mental & Behavioral Health, and Policy. These action-oriented teams are multi-sectoral and data informed, using research and community engagement methods to assess the needs of Arizona schools & stakeholders. Through needs assessments and engagement with the broader coalition and community, our action teams advocate for best practices, provide education regarding initiatives and resources, and create tools that will benefit school health communities. Learn about our action teams and resources.

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Coalition Membership


The Arizona School Health and Wellness Coalition is composed of advocates, parents, students, teachers, administrators, school nurses, food service managers, and public health professionals.


We host bi-monthly meetings that are open to the public to learn about:

  • New and changing initiatives from state agencies such as the Arizona Dept. of Education and the Arizona Dept. of Health Services that impact school health;
  • Community Organizations that work to benefit those in the school health realm;
  • Allow the Leadership and Action Teams to share updates about & engage the full membership in projects and initiatives.


The benefits of joining the ASHWC are endless as we provide the following:

  • Space for members to connect with state agencies & each other
  • Access to our hub of resources which are contributed to by members
  • Space for networking, collaboration and problem solving with other members and with our action teams.


We are a coalition that values community voice as we look for community-based solutions that can be applied statewide to ease the various burdens our school communities face. We hope you join us in future meetings as we work together to improve the health of those in our school communities.

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